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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feminist Fat Liberation Movement

What is the feminist “fat liberation” movement in the U.S?

The “Fat Liberation Manifesto” 1973, naming fat oppression as sexist and accusing 'the so-called ‘reducing’ industries' for harming public health.

The Fat Liberation Manifesto warns about the dangers of dieting programs and developed an analysis of the oppression of fat women.The goal of the 'Fat Liberation Manifesto' is to make feminists, who are a fat thick chick feeling like a Barbie-doll and a fashion-model.

The feminist 'Fat Liberation Manifesto' did not work out as expected. There are feminists, who diet.

'Size Acceptance' remains a controversial feminist issue.

Regretfully for many feminists, there is a certain attention towards Russian, Latina and Asian women and a thoughtful body-image preference to thin women by the majority of Caucasian men.


Anonymous said...

A tub of lard is still a tub of lard by any other name

Fat Bastard said...

The fat feminazis are really pissed at me and my blog partner because we contend that that acceptance is really obesity and gluttony promotion.

I really think they should allow 1 day a month when you can beat the crap out of feminazis.