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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Masculist Advice

This will be my new blog and the first posting is a short introduction about what you might find here.

We all know the word FEMINIST, but what is the opposite of it?

ANTI-FEMINIST? Is this not a very bad word, indicating something negative?
This typical women-hater? This violent rapist?

Why not to use 'masculinist' or 'malinist' instead of it? Does anybody know a better word?

Recently the word MASCULIST is used more frequently.
Wikipedia has now an entry about this word and its definition.


Unfortunately, not all women are nice women, and not so few of them are doing their best to rip you off solely because you are a man.

This hateful activity is called 'Feminism'.
This blog is about what we can do to stop this disgusting movement.

I hope, my advice will be useful to men to avoid some certain mistakes in their life.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Yohan!!!

Good luck on your Blog!

From Mikaleon, on Mancoat.