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Monday, August 27, 2007

Restroom Equity Bill (New York)

I found that a while ago somewhere on the internet:

The Restroom Equity Bill

The Central Planning Authority has determined that it is optimal to have two stalls for women for every one for a man. Yes, two for one! Moreover, a men’s urinal counts the same as a toilet.

Not only are men denied a seat, but women are awarded two in return for a standing quickie.The city council of New York has decided to order that all new buildings proved 2 women's bathrooms for every 1 men's bathroom. Their justification is that it will 'benefit men too because when you are standing holding her packages it won't take as long for her to come back.' This is the lamest excuse of feminists for blatant anti-male sexism they could possibly come up with. Also, they offer that builders can be put in compliance by simply eliminating existing men's bathrooms or converting them into women's bathrooms.
From: Chicago, IllinoisNotice the bill is called "The Restroom Equity Bill" I was unware that Equity consisted of twice as much as everybody else.Yes, in femspeak, it is considered "equal" if a woman receives twice the amount of anything than the man.

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