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Sunday, August 26, 2007


I like to refer to the USA as a 'sex-prison for men' because nowhere else men are so much restricted and punished for their sexual activity than in the USA.

USA is a SEX-PRISON for any honest and hardworking man!

1 -
USA-law is highly oppressive against men and even boys. I do not know any other place, which is more oppressive for men in this world.

To indict a 4 y.o. boy for sexual harassment is like a joke for me, but in USA it happens. ONLY in USA, nowhere else...

Compare the law between EU and USA (not to talk about Arab or Asian countries) - yes, you have feminist laws in Europe, but law enforcement is weak - what you spend in prison in years in USA, you get maybe in weeks (if you are an adult) or in days (if you are a minor) in Europe.

No EU country will send you to jail for not paying child support, and
No EU country will send a minor to 10 years in prison for having sex with a 15 y.o. girl.

To urinate in a street and to be registered as sex-offender for life, is an USA-unicum.

In Europe this is a fine..maybe USD 50,- if done in public and not behind a corner.

Age of consent for women is much lower than in the USA, 14 or 16 y.o., especially if this is related to consenting sex between minors.

A crazy law is IMBRA to restrict your search for a foreign wife, this is only in USA. etc. etc.

2 -US-men have unlucky labour conditions and due to the wide country, they are living like in a wide sex-prison with no idea what is going on outside the USA. Many US-men have NEVER been outside of US-territory and are truly lacking information. They do not know it better, as they never have seen anything else but US-living-conditions.

Check out how many US-men have a valid passport and have been outside of the USA regularly (except Canada and military services).

In Europe, 4 to 5 (sometimes even 6 or 7 for older employees) weeks summer vacation is normal labour standard, and EVERYBODY has a passport, and one month is enough time to make a long-distance trip to basically everywhere in this world and to see the world with your own eyes.

Get on an airplane, or take your own car - even 30 years ago, I was driving by car up to Iran and many other countries.

What about a weekend tour to East Europe...in Europe it is NOT the same everywhere, and nobody will get the idea to prevent you to contact, to invite or even to marry a foreign wife.

Show me a man in the USA, who is doing any general work, and who gets one full month paid vacation. He has no time to get away, to get out from there. He is living like in a wide 'men reservat' or 'men park' with no much choice but to work and to pay off an unreasonable amount of money for females in return of their attention.

It is really a bad situation for men in the USA. Believe me, it is better for me in Japan, Thailand and in the Philippines.

There is no much choice for men in the USA:
1- remain single and save money
2- reject any contact with an American woman, no marriage, no children
3- get on an airplane and compare USA with the rest of this world...

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

So true. But the sex prison forces men to work harder. This is what makes capitalism great - for those who possess capital. This is by no means a new game. Let's bear in mind the US was settled by Puritans. Religion has been used to tame men thru their sexuality since civilization began

Masculist Man said...

Ever read The Feminization of America by Rich Zubaty? He covers this angle.