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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yohan's logo = Gender-Streaming Traffic-Sign

I hope you like this new logo of my blog.

Don't laugh...

This is not my own creation, but these are new gender-streaming traffic-signs in Europe...

These signs were created by feminists in the name of gender-equality, because men are so oppressive.
This one above means EMERGENCY EXIT - ESCAPE ROUTE.
This sign below is another one.

Ever seen a woman working like that at a construction site?

Does this make sense to you? For me, it is ridiculous, it is nonsense...

Maybe I am hating women too much?
But I like this new traffic sign below.
It gives the message to the man to stay away from women with children.
Don't marry!


KellyMac said...

Bwahaha! I love those signs. The first one has very fashionable boots, but where is she going? Looks like into a wall!

The construction one, too, is a riot. That's the ONLY time I've seen a woman digging a hole. Actually I dug one, once, to transplant a blueberry bush in my backyard. The soil was mostly clay, and VERY wet. Took me all afternoon! I certainly wouldn't care to do it for a living, and I can't think of many women who would be willing to do so.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Yohan. You're a good man.

Yohan said...

Hi, Kellymac, thank you for this question -
I added already an explication into my post - this is not a wall, but an EMERGENCY EXIT.
This lady is not 'going into a wall' but she is running for her life...

Many international traffic signs show a figure of a man, like 'construction site' - this is gender discrimination and this must be changed...