Why remain silent?

Let's do something...
Let's talk back to unreasonable feminist demands.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


These are some more books ...
I will continue to add to my blog interesting books for the Men's Rights Movement.
Some years ago there was not much to find in the book-stores. Publications about 'Men's Rights' were rare. It seems, times are changing...

Domestic Violence Database Against Males

This is a very good collection of data about

'Domestic Violence Against Males'

Research Data are available in PDF-Format for download.


Monday, February 18, 2008


Why to waste your time as a man and read such nonsense about 'cool girls' and 'great ladies'?

Better study about what feminists do not want you to know...

It's not only the internet, which offers some good information for men, who want to learn more about feminism.

Why not relax and read a good book?

I will add soon more recommendations about interesting reading stuff.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Shaming language by feminists...

Really, for what should this be good for?
It is for telling all men, that they are nothing but assholes...
Have women nothing else to do but to think all day about how to insult men?

What should this mean?
Every man, who does not agree to feminist demands, is a borderline misogynist?

Some men responded quickly to such insults.
I am not good in drawing... these are not my own creations,
but I am not alone fighting feminism.

These are the Nice-Grrl-'AMERISKANK' Cartoons, isn't that funny?

Let's talk back to feminist libel and slander...