Why remain silent?

Let's do something...
Let's talk back to unreasonable feminist demands.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Why to waste your time as a man and read such nonsense about 'cool girls' and 'great ladies'?

Better study about what feminists do not want you to know...

It's not only the internet, which offers some good information for men, who want to learn more about feminism.

Why not relax and read a good book?

I will add soon more recommendations about interesting reading stuff.

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Freeman said...

you are a brave man, what you are doing is what such have been done a long time ago. I am currently reading "taken into custody" Everyman such READ THIS BOOK! The Feminists are destroying are relationships and families. Hey Man thank U for this blog- watch your back dude there is a whole alot of money at stake.