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Monday, March 10, 2008

Do not marry, no children...

'Why men do not marry' - 'Why men do not want children'

Men have good reason to do so. Believe me.

Let me say it in a short way: Say NO!

1 - NO marriage
2 - NO cohabitation
3 - NO children
4 - NO adoption
5 - NO sperm-donor

These few simple advices, seriously taken, might help you as man to use your time for something more useful than to consult lawyers and to justify yourself in courts, these few advices will help you to keep your property and your savings.

Family laws are against men. Everywhere in the feminist regions.
Don't ask too many questions, if it is really like that and why, and do not tell us, that only your girl is different.

Say NO!


. said...

Can you give more info on the sperm donar thing. I'm happy to be a father, but not happy to pay for it as that would defeat the point.

Daniel said...

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