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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Try a Yahoo or Google Search: 'false rape allegation' and see the results...

Are false rape allegations really rare as feminists trying to tell us? Or are they frequent crimes, as we can read about them daily in the newspapers?

I think, if a crime is frequent or rare is irrelevant, it is a crime -
A mild or even non-existing punishment cannot be justified with the argument, that it is a 'rare' crime.

False rape allegations might ruin an innocent man's life and might ruin also the good reputation of his family.

To sentence such malicious women to some weeks community work is not the solution of the problem. -

False rape allegations are a very serious crime - despite feminists are telling us, it is only a lie...

False rape allegations can only be stopped, if the woman will face punishment equal to rape charges.

And now, I am an all-out women-hater in the eyes of radical feminists, because I want to see punishments for women, who are creating hoax-rape crimes - deliberately accusing men for crimes, which never took place.

False rape accusers should face
1 - Jail for several years without parole
2 - A bill for compensation of police investigation for wasted working hours
3 - Their full name and picture published in the media
4 - Registration in a public listing, similar to sex-offenders



Studies: Over 50% of Rape Allegations Are False
This article was written in July 2006 and shows with a few words, what is going on...

Just a few sentences:

Well-known Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz once said that he was accused of sexual harassment by female students for discussing in class the mere possibility of false rape allegations.
The result: 60% of the accusations were identified as false. McDowell also took his study outside the military by examining police files from a major midwestern city and a southwestern city. He found again that 60% of the claims of rape were false.
The studies cited by Frank Zepezauer correlate with this writers experiences working on sex crimes case in New York. I found that about half of the case were false complaints and, in fact, during intense interviewing, the women sometimes freely admitted and rationalized the bogus complaints.
Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police ...


Anonymous said...

Conviction rate in Britain
"The study finds that despite long-running efforts by the government to boost the conviction rate, only 5.6% of reported cases end in the rapist being convicted in court."

Conviction rate in the United States
Conviction and Sentencing

Less than half of those arrested for rape are convicted, 54% of all rape prosecutions end in either dismissal or acquittal. The conviction rate for those arrested for murder is 69% and all other felons is 54%. (The Response to Rape: Detours on the Road to Equal Justice) 21% of convicted rapists are never sentenced to jail or prison time, and 24% receive time in local jail which means that they spend an average of less than 11 months behind bars. (The Response to Rape: Detours on the Road to Equal Justice)

About false reports

Reporting Statistics

Only 16% of rapes and sexual assaults are reported to the police (Rape in America: A Report to the Nation. 1992). In 1995 there were 97,460 rapes reported to law enforcement officials. At a 16% reporting rate, this means that there were actually closer to 649,733 rapes in the United States. Along the same lines, the number of rapes reported in New York state in 1996 was 20,911. At a 16% reporting rate, this means the actual number of rapes was closer to 139,406. (Computerized Criminal History, Feb. 1998)

The rate of false reports of rape is approximately 2 - 3% which is no different than that for other crimes. This is different than the 8% of reports which are unfounded. This means that in 8% of the rape cases reported the investigators or prosecutors deemed that the case was not prosecutable for any number of reasons. Only 2 - 3% of the reports however were fabricated stories.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you but the whole research paper doesn't sound like it was properly researched and the rebuttals to that research (by the doc's own colleagues) clearly indicate that he took an extremely biased opinion and fished out all the legit cases and removed them on bogus basis (such as the guy involved had previous history..which is idiotic) yes false rape happens but that doesn't mean RAPE does not and if you were looking at this situation logically you would see that there are rules in place to protect men falsely accused. That does not mean society will give a shit. the woman who accuses rape loses credibility in the process too but clearly you don't notice that. because you are too blind to look on both ends. I agree legal penalties need to be higher but assuming they don't already is sloppy of you. c'mon now.

Yohan said...

@anonymous 17/mar/12:37

Thanks for your comment.
If you know about a recent and carefully done research about false rape allegations, please let me know -

To say 50 percent of all rapes are false rape allegations might be biased, but to claim in 2008 only 2 or 3 percent are false reports using data of 1992 is pretty biased too by my opinion.

I see very little indeed, which protects men against false rape allegations - maybe you can explain some of these 'protection rules' you mentioned.
It is not easy for an accused man to get a fair trial due to rape shield protection. The defense counsel is restricted questioning the rape victim directly - further, please note that even while still under police investigation, the full name and picture of the alleged sex-criminal are already published in the local press, television and internet.

There is little punishment for women accusing men deliberately of rape-crimes, which never took place:

Some police investigators are now charging such 'victims' (we should better call them 'liars' for wasted investigation time per hour - sometimes she is sentenced to some hours community work - but lost credibility, which you mentioned means nothing, as the history of the 'victim' is covered by rape shields and her picture and full name are not published...

Generally, I want to see false rape allegations to be considered by society as a serious crime and not 'to be only a lie'.

Anonymous said...

According to this article, the percentage of rape allegations in the US that are false is 20-40%. The article cites a study done by the US Department of Justice, which is a reputable source obviously.


Randall Shake said...

I saw that same right turn sign at womanofsteele.blogspot.com except the pointy thing had fallen off. What's that mean.

But hey... Does anybody know how I can get in touch with khankrumthebulgar?

I'm an old very (very) close friend from the movement.

Have him email me, please. It's urgent.


Randall Shake
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Anonymous said...

Check this out,

I thought you would like to be informed of a legal case in Georgia where a woman accused a young man of rape. Multiple court decision decided that this was not only false, but frivolous. Feminist have now latched on to this case, and are attempting to use public pressure to have this case brought before the Georgia Supreme court. The bottom line is this is a case of an extortionist getting caught, and now attempting to use feminism in an effort to not reimburse the young man for his legal fees (the judge awarded him $150,000). I have linked several news paper articles, a video of the young man defending himself on television as well as the feminist webs sites attempting to turn this into a feminism thing instead of a justice thing.





Just thought you guys might like to know.

G.B. Ratcliff

Anonymous said...

FYI the comment attributed to Randall Shake was from Robin Steele at Womenofsteele.blog. I have openly posted my name for some time. Whereas Robin Steele has disappeared.

Randall Shake
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