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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why NOT to marry a Thai girl and live in Thailand?

Do not marry - no children...True for the feminist region - laws are clearly against you as a man.

Is a foreign wife really better if you decide to move to her country? Maybe yes, but this does not say, the law of her own country is helpful to you as a foreign man if the Thai girl turns out to be crap and is cheating you.

Recently, Thailand is doing everything to please the world ....with 'Women Rights' and new laws. Be careful. Some foreign men were trusting too much and lost everything, no difference to the Western world.

How is this possible? Love makes you blind, but seriously said, yes, legally seen it's much better in Thailand than in the Western feminist region, why to marry anyway?

Let us check about the present Thai legal situation:

There is no law in Thailand, which requires a foreign man to marry...and there is no law in Thailand, which might be useful to you if you are married to a Thai national.

Basically the same, why to marry a Thai woman, for what reason?

As a foreign man, you are able to buy your own condominium in Thailand if you bring enough money from abroad. You might sign up for a retirement visa, if you bring enough money from abroad...You might do this and that...but only IF you bring enough money from abroad...IF you bring money from abroad. And again, IF you bring enough money from abroad.....same is true in any developing nation. What counts, is the money you bring with you and not a marriage with a Thai girl.

However, to be together with a local Thai girl is OK while staying in Thailand in your own home. Nothing wrong with that. If she wants to stay with you, it's fine, and if she wants to leave, let her go...To marry? For what?

And what might happen, if you marry? And if the girl wants a divorce?

You are still on be better side:
The Thai law says clearly, what was yours before marriage regarding real estate (in case of foreigner a condominium, as foreigners cannot own land), will belong to you after divorce. Should you really be into marriage in Thailand, make sure, that your condominium is registered legally in your name BEFORE marriage.

About money, do not bring your assets into Thailand, keep your savings overseas and never give any money to the Thai girl and her relatives to register any property or business in her name.

You should be safe...It's not easy for a girl, and not even for a wife, to send you to the cleaners in Thailand in case of separation and divorce.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Try a Yahoo or Google Search: 'false rape allegation' and see the results...

Are false rape allegations really rare as feminists trying to tell us? Or are they frequent crimes, as we can read about them daily in the newspapers?

I think, if a crime is frequent or rare is irrelevant, it is a crime -
A mild or even non-existing punishment cannot be justified with the argument, that it is a 'rare' crime.

False rape allegations might ruin an innocent man's life and might ruin also the good reputation of his family.

To sentence such malicious women to some weeks community work is not the solution of the problem. -

False rape allegations are a very serious crime - despite feminists are telling us, it is only a lie...

False rape allegations can only be stopped, if the woman will face punishment equal to rape charges.

And now, I am an all-out women-hater in the eyes of radical feminists, because I want to see punishments for women, who are creating hoax-rape crimes - deliberately accusing men for crimes, which never took place.

False rape accusers should face
1 - Jail for several years without parole
2 - A bill for compensation of police investigation for wasted working hours
3 - Their full name and picture published in the media
4 - Registration in a public listing, similar to sex-offenders



Studies: Over 50% of Rape Allegations Are False
This article was written in July 2006 and shows with a few words, what is going on...

Just a few sentences:

Well-known Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz once said that he was accused of sexual harassment by female students for discussing in class the mere possibility of false rape allegations.
The result: 60% of the accusations were identified as false. McDowell also took his study outside the military by examining police files from a major midwestern city and a southwestern city. He found again that 60% of the claims of rape were false.
The studies cited by Frank Zepezauer correlate with this writers experiences working on sex crimes case in New York. I found that about half of the case were false complaints and, in fact, during intense interviewing, the women sometimes freely admitted and rationalized the bogus complaints.
Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police ...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Do not marry, no children...

'Why men do not marry' - 'Why men do not want children'

Men have good reason to do so. Believe me.

Let me say it in a short way: Say NO!

1 - NO marriage
2 - NO cohabitation
3 - NO children
4 - NO adoption
5 - NO sperm-donor

These few simple advices, seriously taken, might help you as man to use your time for something more useful than to consult lawyers and to justify yourself in courts, these few advices will help you to keep your property and your savings.

Family laws are against men. Everywhere in the feminist regions.
Don't ask too many questions, if it is really like that and why, and do not tell us, that only your girl is different.

Say NO!