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Friday, January 7, 2011

Freiheit statt Feminismus

That's really a nice logo which I have seen in some MRA-blogs from Germany.

It means
'Freedom instead of Feminism'

Its design is similar to MRAs in USA,

they are using a street and a traffic sign.


Sometimes there is also a motorcycle in the picture

Friday, October 29, 2010

Men are Second Class citizens in the USA


That's really an interesting article about 'gender-equality' in the USA.

12 indisputable indicators that Men are Second Class citizens in the USA

1. SUICIDE: Men’s suicide rate is 4.6 times higher than that of women’s. [Dept. Health & Human Services -- 26,710 males vs 5,700 females]

2. LIFE EXPECTANCY: Men’s life expectancy is seven (7) years shorter than women’s [National Center for Health Statistics -- males 72.3 yrs vs females 79 yrs] yet receive only 35% of government expenditures for health care and medical costs.

3. WAR: Men are almost exclusively the only victims of war [Dept. Defense -- Vietnam Casualties 47,369 men vs 74 women]

4. WORKPLACE FATALITIES: Men account for more than 95% of all workplace fatalities.

5. MURDER: Men are murdered at a rate almost 5 times that of women. [Dept. Health & Human Services -- 26,710 men vs 5,700 women]

6. CHILD CUSTODY: Women receive physical custody of 92% of all children of separation, and men only 4%. [Department of Health & Human Services]

7. JURY BIAS: Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men [Bureau Justice Statistics -- 1.4% of men vs 12.9% of women]

8. COURT BIAS: Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for spousal murder [Bureau Justice Statistics -- men at 17 years vs women at 6 years]

9. JUSTICE SYSTEM BIAS: Women are assesessed for Child Support on average at half the rate of men, yet are twice as likely to default on Child Support payments. Ninety Seven (97%) of all child support prosecutions are against fathers. [Census Bureau]

10. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Numerous credible studies from independant researchers report that women are the initiators of domestic violence in 58% of all cases, and cause physical abuse in almost 50% of all cases, yet women only account for 6% of all criminal proceedings in such matters.

11. CHILD VIOLENCE: Mothers commit 55% of all child murders and biological fathers commit 6%. NIS-3 indicates that Mother-only households are 3 times more fatal to children than Father-only households. Despite these compelling figures, children are systematically removed from the natural fathers who are their most effective protectors.

12. WEALTH: Women hold 65% of the total wealth in the USA [Fortune Magazine]

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Female Privilege List

I found this FEMALE PRIVILEGE LIST on a MRA-Forum posted by a MRA-member as response to the Feminist 'Male Privilege List'.
Nice reading.


1) Career wise, I can complain about harassment and not laughed at or have my gender called into question by both genders.

2) I can skip a few years of employment and then return, demanding the same rises that others have had who remained employed. If my demand is not met, I can accuse the company of discrimination.

3) Even though I'm more likely to abuse children, I am perceived as sweet & innocent.

4) If I start a fight with a man, I can be guaranteed others will come to my defense - even if he isn't defending himself.

5) I can go to a bar and drink for free.

6) I almost never have to worry about being sexually harassed by my boss as I can take him to the cleaners if he even tries it.

7) My ability to do a certain job will never come into question because of my gender.

8 ) I can fall on my gender as a sympathy vote if I run for politics.

9) I can marry someone based on thier financial or social status like it will actually empower me more.

10) I can sexually assault men and remain legally immune.

11) I can go out in public wearing almost anything without being harrassed or judged as I have a lot more options in clothing, whereas men are generally restricted in their 'acceptable' dress codes.

12) If I so happen to meet someone at a party, and decide to have sex, I would be viewed as being 'empowered' and television even promotes this with programmes like 'sex in the city'.

13) I can sexually mutilate my male children and deprive them of a few thousand nerves which assist greatly in enhancing sexual pleasure.

14) My handbag is my world and get to have groups follow me for a simple pee.

15) I don’t have to worry about the father's opinion if I get pregnant, it's all about me!

16) I can bash men and no one bats an eye-lid, if a man bashes us women - we call him a misogynist and people will shun him.

17) I can date more than one man at the same time, and society would think I'm empowered.

18) I can put on the television and be safe in the knowledge that women are portrayed positively while men are portayed as idiots or abusers.

19) I am practically imune from legal repercussions for my actions as I have feminist groups coming to my saviour - even killing my children or husband.

20) I reproduce - that must be pretty awesome for guys to witness.

21) I can fake an orgasm... something almost impossible for a guy to do.

22) No pharmacist can claim the right to deny me any medicines I ask for at a drug store as I can claim discrimination. Of course, if I'm underage that's different - duh.

23) Even when I am acting within my gender role, I am GAINING from it, rather than being oppressed as I can CHOOSE to stay at home and enjoy watching the children grow up while my husband (assuming I bother to keep him around) works his ass off to keep a roof over our head.

24) If I go to church, I can attend knowing the folks are taught immeasurable levels of respect for me and it is meant to be mutual respect.

25) I don’t have to live up to expectations of how thin I am supposed to be - feminism freed me from such pettiness.

26) I get to use PMS as an excuse for murdering my children or husband.


Feminism has given women privileges without responsibility, and men are left with no choice but to pick up the slack.

If anybody knows about other female privileges, please let me know. Looking forward to your comments.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FAKE+HOAX MRA-websites

For your information:

From now on you will find on the right side of this blog links to FAKE+HOAX MRA-websites.

These websites have nothing to do with the MRA-movement.
Check it out by yourself...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why NOT to marry a Thai girl and live in Thailand?

Do not marry - no children...True for the feminist region - laws are clearly against you as a man.

Is a foreign wife really better if you decide to move to her country? Maybe yes, but this does not say, the law of her own country is helpful to you as a foreign man if the Thai girl turns out to be crap and is cheating you.

Recently, Thailand is doing everything to please the world ....with 'Women Rights' and new laws. Be careful. Some foreign men were trusting too much and lost everything, no difference to the Western world.

How is this possible? Love makes you blind, but seriously said, yes, legally seen it's much better in Thailand than in the Western feminist region, why to marry anyway?

Let us check about the present Thai legal situation:

There is no law in Thailand, which requires a foreign man to marry...and there is no law in Thailand, which might be useful to you if you are married to a Thai national.

Basically the same, why to marry a Thai woman, for what reason?

As a foreign man, you are able to buy your own condominium in Thailand if you bring enough money from abroad. You might sign up for a retirement visa, if you bring enough money from abroad...You might do this and that...but only IF you bring enough money from abroad...IF you bring money from abroad. And again, IF you bring enough money from abroad.....same is true in any developing nation. What counts, is the money you bring with you and not a marriage with a Thai girl.

However, to be together with a local Thai girl is OK while staying in Thailand in your own home. Nothing wrong with that. If she wants to stay with you, it's fine, and if she wants to leave, let her go...To marry? For what?

And what might happen, if you marry? And if the girl wants a divorce?

You are still on be better side:
The Thai law says clearly, what was yours before marriage regarding real estate (in case of foreigner a condominium, as foreigners cannot own land), will belong to you after divorce. Should you really be into marriage in Thailand, make sure, that your condominium is registered legally in your name BEFORE marriage.

About money, do not bring your assets into Thailand, keep your savings overseas and never give any money to the Thai girl and her relatives to register any property or business in her name.

You should be safe...It's not easy for a girl, and not even for a wife, to send you to the cleaners in Thailand in case of separation and divorce.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Try a Yahoo or Google Search: 'false rape allegation' and see the results...

Are false rape allegations really rare as feminists trying to tell us? Or are they frequent crimes, as we can read about them daily in the newspapers?

I think, if a crime is frequent or rare is irrelevant, it is a crime -
A mild or even non-existing punishment cannot be justified with the argument, that it is a 'rare' crime.

False rape allegations might ruin an innocent man's life and might ruin also the good reputation of his family.

To sentence such malicious women to some weeks community work is not the solution of the problem. -

False rape allegations are a very serious crime - despite feminists are telling us, it is only a lie...

False rape allegations can only be stopped, if the woman will face punishment equal to rape charges.

And now, I am an all-out women-hater in the eyes of radical feminists, because I want to see punishments for women, who are creating hoax-rape crimes - deliberately accusing men for crimes, which never took place.

False rape accusers should face
1 - Jail for several years without parole
2 - A bill for compensation of police investigation for wasted working hours
3 - Their full name and picture published in the media
4 - Registration in a public listing, similar to sex-offenders



Studies: Over 50% of Rape Allegations Are False
This article was written in July 2006 and shows with a few words, what is going on...

Just a few sentences:

Well-known Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz once said that he was accused of sexual harassment by female students for discussing in class the mere possibility of false rape allegations.
The result: 60% of the accusations were identified as false. McDowell also took his study outside the military by examining police files from a major midwestern city and a southwestern city. He found again that 60% of the claims of rape were false.
The studies cited by Frank Zepezauer correlate with this writers experiences working on sex crimes case in New York. I found that about half of the case were false complaints and, in fact, during intense interviewing, the women sometimes freely admitted and rationalized the bogus complaints.
Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police ...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Do not marry, no children...

'Why men do not marry' - 'Why men do not want children'

Men have good reason to do so. Believe me.

Let me say it in a short way: Say NO!

1 - NO marriage
2 - NO cohabitation
3 - NO children
4 - NO adoption
5 - NO sperm-donor

These few simple advices, seriously taken, might help you as man to use your time for something more useful than to consult lawyers and to justify yourself in courts, these few advices will help you to keep your property and your savings.

Family laws are against men. Everywhere in the feminist regions.
Don't ask too many questions, if it is really like that and why, and do not tell us, that only your girl is different.

Say NO!